Curatorial Brand & Studio
We design real life sound-art experiences
Collateral Visions X Vanguard Sounds X Noise Worship


Event Management & Event Planning, Electronic Music Promoters, Art & Creative Direction, Concept & Format Development, Curatorship & Promoting, *Event/Gig* Logistics & Setup, Exhibitions, All-Kind Performances, Installations, Talks & Workshops, Brand Identity, Web Design, ADV Strategy, Social Content Creation & Copywriting, Graphic Design, Motion & 3D Graphic, Sound Design, Photo & Video Production.


Started back in 2018, Klang has been a multifunctional space focused on both super selected experimental-sounds-based performances, and a creative food & contemporary beverage dimension.
Leaving its physical venue boundaries, it started a new and wider life in 2023 as a curatorial studio, creating, designing and developing formats and projects in the experimental-art and vanguard music environments.
During these years of activity, Klang quickly raised a national as well as european interest, imposing itself as a landmark brand for the most innovative vanguard and research music scene.

With an overall production of about 1.000 gigs to its credit, Klang could boast of having hosted some of the most acclaimed and talented International artists in the underground experimental music field, such as
(in random order and among the others):

Mira Calix, Puce Mary, Lakker, Frank Bretschneider, Frank Vigroux, Grischa Lichtenberger, Catnapp, Hiro Kone, Animistic Beleiefs, aircode, Sabiwa, Enxin/Onyx, NURSE3D, Bungalovv, Ludwig Wandinger, Ziúr, HVAD, Nazar, Tot Onyx, Antwood, YPY, Valerio Tricoli, Mohammad, Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia, Uruk, Filmmaker, Josin, Renick Bell, Donato Dozzy, NONN, Koichi Shimizu, Ausschuss, Man Forever, Pick a Piper, Father Murphy, Retina.it, 111X, Apeak, Abyss X, Bod, Chevel, Croatian Amor, Dis Fig, Exhausted Modern, Exploited Body, Giant Swan, Holy Similaun, Iglooghost, Koeing & BR Laser, Meuko! Meuko!, Moor Mother, NAKED, Osheyack, Pelada, Rojin Sharafi, SHXCXCHCXSH, SITOI, Soho Rezanejad, Trepaneringsritualen, Varg 2tm, Verset Zero, Wanton Witch (and very much more).

Together with a regular and tight schedule of live experiences, the brand put its signature on several side projects: Festivals (Radical Glitch, Sturm Und Klang 1 and 2, Sturm Und Klang: Sporen, Klang Echos); Artistic residencies (Klang: Residenze Elettroniche, Klang Ensemble, Klang Studio Sessions); Workshop series (Klang Analog Fatness); Record releases (Klaustrophobie); NFTs (Hyperstition); Editorial blogs (Klangs Almanach); Experimental and independent movie festivals (Klang Cine Zone, Cyber Plague, Acid Rain, Pleasure Dome, Nuovo Cinema Mistico, Uncut).


Monk, Cieloterra, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Kasa Kumbas, Bar India, Forte Antenne, White Forest Records, Accademia Tedesca di Villa Massimo, Roma Europa Festival, Visioni Parallele, Dancity Festival, Ekstasis, Misto Mame, Mandrione Warehouse, Wishlist Club, Reyetto Tapes, SUTH, Nero Editions, Ladysometimes Records, Amen, Tempo, Dio Drone, Gruppo Chimera, and many more.