(PARTE 1: 15/10/ 2023 – 21/01/2024)

“Pangea: The only primordial terrestrial continent from which the current continents would have derived by fragmentation.”

In a sort of inverse process subjected to an invisible centripetal force, we imagine a virtual supercontinent in which, through culture, planetary tectonics however shifts immaterial boundaries, bringing places and people closer together not on a physical level, but on an intellectual and emotional one, as attracted magnetically towards a common center, an ancestral conceptual nucleus which becomes the human being himself, as a species in its entirety. Specifically, KLANG: PANGEA aims to investigate and dissect those emerging artistic identities that, from the most disparate corners of the globe, have made research in the cinematographic, musical and sound fields the beating heart of their activity, outside the constituted and always towards new expressive boundaries. In a range of settings that transversally embrace almost every musical genre and approach, from radical improvisation to hyper-pop, from noise to traditional folklore, from accelerationist and deconstructed electronics to the most mysterious ethnic rhythms, as well as cinematic, from documentary language to surrealist authorship, the leitmotif is experimentation and constantly going beyond the parameters and definitions of what art should be, rather towards what it could become. Yet what does experimentation in the artistic field mean and where does it come from for someone who has developed his individuality in such different contexts and has been subjected to such peculiar stimuli with respect to our specific daily life? Even in the era of radical digitization that breaks down every frontier, these characteristics remain an essential baggage in the life and voice of each local panorama, declining and synthesizing into something often elusive, but which somehow, like a secret language, unites the experiences and languages of anyone who is part of it.

The intimate elaboration of these environmental circumstances becomes something with unexpected, mysterious and unique results, often very different from individual to individual, yet somehow recognizable and tangible, as happens in each of the artists proposed in this program, in their own way imbued, each in its own unique and personal formula, of its territory of origin.
A basic dichotomy, therefore, constantly hovering between precious individual peculiarities and collective traits, in search of what art is in its essence and above all of its ability to convey universal and atavistic messages regardless of place, grammar and circumstances in which it was conceived.

KLANG: PANGEA therefore stands as a transcultural journey and a virtual atlas, a path that through an ideological spiral, focusing from time to time on specific local and cultural glimpses, encounters the most tangible and closest realities, inspiration and part themselves of our best-known cultural baggage, to increasingly distant stylistic universes, with gradually more alien yet somehow always intimately familiar features, placing us in a position to collect all the stimuli to finally return to the starting point as individuals who are part of everything, enriched with both conceptual and emotional knowledge, capable of making us more and more inhabitants of a single “supercontinent”, rather than immobilized brooding in our personal circumstantial comfort zone.

KLANG: PANGEA is a format created & curated by Klang and produced by Hacienda.

KLANG is a brand of real life sound-art experiences, constantly hovering among experimental sounds, exploratory music, contemporary music, abrasive noise atmospheres, adventurous club splinters and brain challenging ideas.

Hacienda is a multifaceted space in Rome focused on all kind of art and lifestyle high quality events.